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Youtube Perks

This week I got the opportunity to explore a tool that I was completely unfamiliar with.  Wordpress doesn’t allow you to upload photos straight to the post you want unless they are in the format of Youtube or you buy a more expensive version of the blog site. I wasn’t about to give up this free version of WordPress, so what I have been doing is editing videos in iMovie, uploading that video production to Youtube and then taking that URL and posting it in my blog. This is some process and I was wondering if there is an easier way to go about this whole thing.  THERE IS! I found out that you can edit videos straight on to Youtube!! This cuts down the amount of time you are for videos to download immensely. To download videos from iMovie to Youtube would take me at least one hour.  With Youtube Editor I was able to do it in more than less the time.  

I found this video editing device to be very simple. Not only as simple to use but there wasn’t really anything neat about it. I think I even liked Powerpoint better.  It allowed you to upload movies and photos and link music to it.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to link my own music, so the one that is seen in the video below is just from their suggested music.   It also gave options on different transitions between photos but there was not much of a selection. I also found that downloading photos was very time consuming because I had to do it one at a time and I couldn’t find a away to do more than that.  I probably wouldn’t use this medium to edit longer videos that are worth a lot of my grade but if I was looking to just put a quick and simple video online I would consider using it. This is just another option of editing videos that one can use if they are going to be putting videos on to Youtube anyways. 

Below is the video I decided to try out that and it showcases a couple photos from my trip to Thailand.I do think that Youtube editorial would come in useful, but I just fully did not know how to use it.  I also could not figure out how to change my title, so now it has a pretty lame title of “My Edited Video” but here is the just of what this editorial is all about!  If anyone has ever used this medium and has thoughts about it, let me know!! 



2 thoughts on “Youtube Perks

  1. Hey Shayla, I quite enjoyed the review on the YouTube editor. I never knew that YouTube had this tool!! I may have to try it out. As you said, iMovie to YouTube takes quite some time, so I am intrigued with this new tool! I may use it to edit my next video! Thanks for sharing!


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